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Advice for Writers

Writing is my passion, and I love sharing this passion with others. To all of my brothers and sisters in blogging, journalism, or simply writing in general, here are a few tips that I have used that have molded me into the writer I am today:


Don't be afraid to use your voice. Being that we are in the 21st Century, trends and fads come and go, but that doesn't mean that your personality and style of writing should change with them. Make your mark in your writing, and stick with it! 


Writing for multiple platforms/outlets, blogging and participating in internships can only help you, and will do no harm. Taking advantage of a variety of experiences will really help you hone in on your voice as a writer, and you never know what connections will come from them!


As a writer, you must always have an open mind. Creative ideas may come to you at 12 noon or 3 in the morning. Additionally, you must challenge yourself to write about topics that you don't have a lot of knowledge on. Step outside of your comfort zone! Being open keeps your writing fresh and opens your eyes to new things. 


Risks are scary, but 9 times out of 10, it will be worth it. When you take risks, you're allotted the opportunity to open your self up to a new world of possibilities. When you take a risk, there are only going to be two outcomes: you succeed, or you fail. The beautiful thing about this is, if you fail, there's no where to go but up! 

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