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A Media Powerhouse, but not a superwoman.

Attacking the Black Superwoman Syndrome
by Kyla Wright


The Black Superwoman Syndrome isn’t an actual syndrome, but a part of the narrative that black women must always have it together, never having a dull moment or time for ourselves. Black women are known to seemingly always have it together, taking life’s challenges head-on and never allowing a moment for failure, stress or other personal issues. The problem with this is the fact that these women are putting on a mask making it appear as if everything is okay, when it’s not. My goal was and still is to show our women as a community that it’s okay to not be okay. 

Event Description

Attacking the Black Superwoman Syndrome is an event that took place on the campus of Hampton University on November 14, 2018. This event targeted African American women on Hampton’s campus. The event focused on relaxation, self-care and releasing toxic thoughts and feelings about one’s self. Hosted by Kyla Wright, she performed a spoken word piece. Also incorporated in the event were icebreakers, a motivational speech, and stress-relieving exercises. 

Program Partners

There were many on and off-campus organizations that participated in "Attacking the Black Superwoman Syndrome" to ensure that this was a successful event:

- Hampton University Counseling Center

- Peer Counselors

- Student Government Association: Women's Caucus 

- Dr. Tamara Williams

- In Our Own Voice National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda